LED lighting adds flair and shows off your bike. Now you can match your seat and have it light up the night too! New Image now has developed a way to embed the lights into your seat without sacrificing comfort or looks. Loglows (Patent Pending) are the result that puts your vehicle over the top.  All the LED’s we use are designed for use on motorcycles. We offer color options to fit your needs. We can light up block letter names and certain logos and we are always working to add more! Don’t have lights on your bike? That’s okay we can sell you a kit to match your set. All of the kits even include a remote to turn on the lights!

Adding LED lights is an additional $40 per lighted area added to the cost of the work performed to your seat. For example a name costs $15 and add lights for $40 for a total of $55 added to the cost of the seat. Call Lee for information on adding LED’s to your custom cut seat, or maybe you just want to order a set of lights! Lee will get you set up and give your whole bike a “New Image”!

Want to see example go to the picture page, or see them in action on the video page!

Please check with local laws about the use of LED lights on your motorcycles.  They are great for show but New Image is not responsible for any illegal uses of the lights in your area.  Please, if law dictates that you not drive with them on, turn them off.

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