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So you like what you see?    Currently Loglows are an option that is available on your New Image Custom Seat. When you send your seat to New Image and add the Loglows to your seat, we insure that the final installation looks right and does not compromise the feel or ride of the seat in anyway. We do not sell Loglows for you or anyone else to install and we have been granted Patent Pending status and will make every attempt to protect our intellectual property.  Call Lee at 717-495-9934 to discuss your options or go over to our custom seat page and check out the options there.  Thank You for your interest and New Image Custom Seats looks forward to “adding some color to your night”

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  1. Jody Bergeron says:

    i have an ’01 Hayabusa and i’m looking to get my seats done. i like the idea with the LEDs…looking at the pictures 93 thru 98 (white seat) i also wanta go with:
    White seats with Red backing and with the red LEDs
    what’s the cost on this setup?

    • admin says:

      Total cost for a seat set like the one you mention is as follows:
      $225 for the Set, cut and covered
      $20 for the 2-tone fabric
      $37.50 for the Kanji logos (3@ $12.50 each)
      $15.00 for the Hayabusa Name
      $120.00 to light up the logos (4@$30 each)
      $15.00 Standard Ground Shipping
      TOTAL $432.50

  2. Rob says:

    Hi I came accross your website and LOVE your product. I am the VP of the NYC Mopar Club and wanted to know if you would take on a project. Would you be able to put your lights in Head Rests??? I have Leather headrests on a 2009 Dodge Charger and wanted to do a Mopar “M” that lights up or the word “Mopar”. Let me know if this is something you can do. There would be a HUGE Market for this.. I could sell a TON of business if you got into doing car Head rests.

    I Just lit up my floor boards now looking to do more lighting inside. Heres the video

    Let me know,

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